How to date women "out-of-your-league" and outside your culture as an Asian Guy...without trying super hard, or being someone you're not:

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Will Dating Without Borders help me date a lot of high quality girls even if I'm not a good looking Asian?

Yes, it will. Dating Without Borders is the only dating system designed for Asian guys to win the dating same as efficiently as possible. It is the shortest, fastest path I know and I've taught it to hundreds of Asian men (some of which are not good looking) in the past decade as proof. 

When I was in school this is what my bullies drew and passed around to my whole class. After graduating the real world wasn't much better. Here I am in a virgin at 23. It was weird because I was the same height, had the same face and same physical attributes from 23 to 24, but the way I learned how to date changed dramatically.  I felt "ugly" but in reality, my physical attributes were exactly the same... I just learned new social skills.

Because of this experience, I know how it feels like to be totally ignored and feel like a 2nd class citizen in your own country... but I also to use cultural preselection to date any girl from any culture. Over the last decade, I've helped hundreds of guys do the same. In person, and also with their "online game".  

Unlike other dating courses, this whole system is specifically design for Asian men, to get hot leads that turn into dates from social events, everyday social interactions, that girl walking by on the street, your tinder/bumble, your social media, and your overall "digital image". 

  Will this help me get a girlfriend?

If you want to, yes.

One of the benefits of having good game is abundance. Abundance gives you options. 

Once you know how to get hot girls consistently you'll start to have lots of options to make a girl your permanent girlfriend. In the bonus section I teach you how to authentically manage multiple relationships (honestly) if that's your goal.

I have done both - being with 1 amazing girl and dating around (while being honest with the women I dated) and I'm grateful to have had that experience to help me figure out how I wanted my romantic life to look.

The previous girlfriends I've had had both the physical looks and amazing personalities because I came from a place of abundance.

What if this doesn't work for me?

You can ask for a refund within 30 days, so there's no risk to you. But, we have seen past clients get results quickly once they implemented the lessons. Just email us at

Will Dating Without Borders work if I am really "fobby" (fresh off the boat)?

Yes. I address the concept of "cultural foreignness" as a factor in dating. I'm going to show you how I take your "worst perceived" stereotypes by western culture, and turn it into your advantage. 

I've helped clients who had speaking issues, accent issues and even extremely limited beliefs due to their cultural upbringing to date their dream girls. Previously, these guys never thought it was possible because the girls looked "too alien" to them.

I also teach you how to introduce the girl to your culture in a way that maximizes attraction scores, so you can still be who you are and get the girl. 

Will this work with online dating?

We added an online model during the pandemic and it's different than other online dating courses because we focus on how to use dating apps and social media as an Asian guy. The rules are different for us, and so the tips here are very unique and not found anywhere else.

I also show you the 1 SECRET site that Asian guys can use to get hot matches and girls actually messaging you first, on a daily basis.

My clients on average, who used Tinder Gold saw hundreds of matches in 1-2 weeks, while those on the free plan see 30-50 matches in 1-2 weeks.  You will understand the math behind match rates  algorithms and how women really behave online with minorities from my 1 year market segmentation data analysis project, where I tested 5 different profiles and hundreds of thousands of messages to different "categories" of girls and measure which ones actually worked.

Can I buy this program if I'm not Asian? (Indian, Black, White, Other Minority)

I consider Indian guys Asian so the advice will be the same. 

I have some black students who used this. If you are a white guy in an Asian country,  as long as you are considered a "minority", the cultural preselection factors will apply.

While there are large sections of the system that could help, the course is built specifically for Asian men.

Will this help me with Asian girls?

Yes, all of my Asian clients who used Dating Without Borders either have non-Asian girlfriends or have Asian girlfriends who are at the top of their social hierarchies. This is because these guys are not universally attractive and have options, unlike 99% of most Asian men who settle or are stuck in existing Asian social circles.

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