The New Game Plan: How do date your ideal girls by hacking online dating

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We’ve CRACKED THE CODE to building an abundant dating life, even in the current crisis with a predictable, simple and consistent online dating system.
Who We Scout For:
  Professionals with demanding jobs and intense expectations who want a social life and meet hotter girls
  Hustlers who are stuck at home but want to make things happen and still have fun with girls
  Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to reach the next level socially and meet their ideal girl
Perks If You Are Admitted:
  Set up your profile to outperform 95% of the dating market, using our trademark secrets
  Eliminate time and energy wasted on ineffective online dating tactics. We teach you how to get dates and intimacy fast, with tier 1  results within 1-2 weeks.
  Create a sustainable system of social intimacy pillars that keep giving back, even when you're focused on work

"I Wish Someone Had Explained This To Me 10 Years Ago..."


A Step By Step System for your success: The Online Funnel Framework.

Proven with hundreds of students already. 10+ years I've tested myself.

Field-Tested in this pandemic environment (text above)

Photography - as a former fashion week and runway model, I will coach you on taking great photographs and increase the value of your tinder, app and online dating profiles by 3x

You will learn how to write your profile to stand out, be it witty, funny, and always authentic


Ramping up your success is easy once you have the proper funnel.

2x a week 1.5 hour Personalized Group Coaching where you will learn from me, my coaches and other ambitious cilents

Exclusive coaching in FB Group with live examples and images and real time feedback

Winner Community of like-minded guys and girls here to get results and win

Get 24/7 text access to Elia and myself (First 20 clients only) for first 100 days to guarantee your own success.


If you have a challenge point, we will
do 1 on 1 followups to make sure you breakthrough ALL barriers and walls

Turn our discord, telegram and FB group into a super social pillar once pandemic ends

Bonus: learn to build comfort and connection with your female friends and guy friends now and solidify your social circle to full blast when this pandemic ends

Bonus: learn how to leverage Instagram, Tik Tok and your FB so have girls messaging you and an incoming stream of optional dates for the future

Who Is Giovanni Wan?

Some may say that I am a...

"Former Googler, entrepreneur, lonely nerd turned fashion week model,  diplomatic brat, digital marketer..."

The most important thing for you to know: I've spent the last 14 years as an underground relationship dating coach because of my white collar jobs at Fortune 500 companies. I've helped thousands of men and women find their dream partners.

Fortunately for you: I recently quit to focus on my calling to help people overcome struggles in pursuing an abundant dating life and their relationships.

I work with clients to find their authentic self, and use proven systems to bring out the best attractive version of you that no one else can replicate.

The foundation of my teaching philosophy is in authentic self expression, structured game, self awareness and meditation. To my knowledge, no other coach right now has my holistic view combined with precise structure, that has my high success rate of clients achieving their real goals in dating and relationships.

Elia Canu

Coach at Positive Sum Games

"One of most important influences... the ability to combine seamlessly a structure to interactions while making it look natural.. one of the best in the world within this domain."

DJ Fuji

Top LA Based Dating Coach

"Giovanni (or Vince as I had known him) has helped tons of guys improve their style, confidence, and win-ratio with dating beautiful girls. He just gets it."

Kezia Noble

#1 Female Dating Coach

"Most guys have no clue... so what Giovanni is teaching is for anyone who wants to understand what women find sexy when they first see a guy."

We take a different approach than most "experts" out there...

Principles over tactics

We focus on teaching you how to fish, instead of giving you a fish.

For example, our training will involve me guiding you to come up with the right texts based on understanding the principles of attraction, push-pull, and moving things forward.
Game precision with natural authenticity

My "game" is very structured, but from that analytical foundation, I've built in an authenticity to bringing your "real" self out by speaking to different parts of your personality.

I call these "self 1" and "self 2". No other coach is doing this right now.

Leveraging digital hacks

Being a digital marketer, I give you unfair competitive advantages on Tinder, OKCupid and dating apps by leverage loopholes in algorithms (within terms of service).

This allows you to stand out from 95% of your competition, even if you're not traditionally "good looking" or rich.

You should know... I wasn't always like this...

Being bullied in high-school, I was the lone kid being called "rat face" and pinned against a locker. 
So, I know what it feels like if you sometimes feel like the game is stacked against you. I also understand if you're looking for a way to a new life. A life on your OWN TERMS.

If a nerdy loner like me could do it, anyone can.

Client Results:

Pete C.

"Giovanni helped me overcome my fear and improve my interactions with women by encouraging me to question my assumptions. Although I already had a fun vibe around people, he helped guide me towards building deeper relationships by asking more personal questions and giving space in the interaction.
I liked that he understood that I wanted to improve, but also that I had other things to manage as well, such as my career. I was able to learn how to balance my heavy workload with dating and also some tips for setting up dates through tinder and bumble."

Julian W.

"I was really shy and a bit lonely getting my master's degree when I got coaching.

We started out with helping me with all my online social media profiles, and then online dating. After we had that covered and I started getting dates, we went out and Giovanni taught me how to actually talk to girls, how to be ready for my dates.

In the end, there was this one girl I had an amazing date with, and several numbers that I plan to follow up on. I feel like I'm making good progress right now towards handling this area of my life"

Rony H.

"While I did pretty well with girls so far, I always treated these interactions like a networking event. 

Giovanni taught me how to flirt, how to hit both comfort, charisma and most importantly attraction triggers. I went from being really good at networking, to starting to understand how to effectively flirt and interaction from a man to woman perspective. 

For example, instead of talking too much about her work, we got conversations moving forward with fun things about hobbies and observations about her style."

Sasha M.

"I always dreamed of being playful, funny, and stylish - the type girls fall for. Instead I myself crushed on the first cute girl that showed attention to me... ugh, so many cringe-worthy memories.

Logically I knew that I had the potential to be that cool guy, but by myself I never made any progress towards it. Giovanni taught me how to be that guy. In my head I always believed I would figure things out. 

Looking back on it I had no idea how much stuff I was missing... Do yourself a favor and learn from a pro, don't struggle on your own."

Ivan N.

"My training resulted in many very fun nights which I can't talk about here. Let's just say we had a great time. 

I am always very bold, and with training I was able to combine that boldness with calibration, stepping back when I need to, and adjusting for comfort. 

This combined with the fact that I do not feel fear become unstoppable once I learned when to be bold, and when to let the others chase. His training was invaluable to me"

Apaar N.

"What I really appreciate about Gio is that he is the type of coach that sees you, sees where you are, and recognizes your needs, which is a really rare quality and ability to be able to perceive the others needs even without them expressing them. 

He always has a compassionate intention when he listens to you. Another thing I appreciate about him is his ability to create a community and safe space, this is really important in the mentoring process and 

Giovanni knows how to allow you to be authentic so that he can truly help you achieve your goals effectively."

Q: How can you apply for the digital abundance program?

1. You apply for the consultation call and I will pay for it.
In the first step, you will have ONE chance to apply for you own consultation call that I will pay for. This information will help us advise you properly and see if you are a qualified candidate.
2. We will call you and interview you for fit.
In the second step, a member of my team (or myself) will give you a short call to interview you. It will take 30 minutes to ask you some questions about your current social situation, what you want to accomplish, and what obstacles stand in your way.
3. I will personally choose the people who get to join.
In the last step, we will invite you to your first  webinar together for 60 minutes. Once I get a glimpse of who you are and how you might fit in, I will decide whether you get to join the mentoring program long term or not.
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